ACT! for America


Every “practicing Muslim who believes in the teaching of the Quran cannot be a loyal citizen to the United States of America.” - ACT! for America founder, Brigitte Gabriel

ACT! for America

Founded in 2007 by Brigitte Gabriel as a citizen action network to “inform, educate, and mobilize Americans regarding the multiple threats of radical Islam.” Gabriel’s group hopes to make fear of Islam a pillar of the Republican Party and a galvanizing force in politics.

According to ACT!'s website, the organization has more than 280,000 members in 890 chapters operating nationwide and in eleven countries.  

ACT!’s most successful efforts to date is the 2009 launch of its Stop Shariah Now project to increase public awareness of the manufactured threat of creeping Sharia into the United States. Since then, ACT! for America introduced David Yerushalmi’s anti-Sharia legislation to elected officials in several states. The anti-Sharia mapping campaign was spearheaded by Chris Slick, a GOP operative, who served as a regional field director for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in 2008.